Academic Publications

Perspectives on Undergraduate Research and Mentoring

  • "Deconstructing Authority for Truly Collaborative Mentorship in Creative Writing" (March 2020)
  • This case study examines how a mentor in creative writing sharing their own writing in a small workshop setting can lead to increased student comprehension of the revision process and better evaluation of student learning.

    "I noticed that, over time, the characters, scenes, and stories people brought in tried to fill that humorous, outrageous tone that students responded to. This was not false collaboration with the mentor, but false collaboration with the most vocal students in the class. These students weren’t responding to the quality of the writing but rather the shock value of the content."

Journalistic Publications

Daily Nexus

College of Creative Studies (CCS)

  • "Composing From Afar" (July 2020)
  • College of Creative Studies alumnus Tristan Perez (Music Composition ‘18) composed And Spring Still Comes, a socially distanced wind ensemble

  • "Ethan Epperly Receives Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research" (July 2020)
  • Ethan Epperly (CCS Computing and CCS Mathematics ‘20) receives prestigious award for research on developing algorithms for potential 3-D imaging applications

  • "CCS Faculty Receives 2020 Exemplar Award" (May 2020)
  • UC Santa Barbara faculty Charles Bazerman earns award from the Conference on College Composition and Communication for his lifetime of scholarship

  • "Meet Forrest Galante (CCS Biology '09)" (May 2020)
  • Wildlife biologist and adventurer Forrest Galante descirbes his journey from Harare, Zimbabwe to redefining history as creator and host of Animal Planet's Extinct or Alive.

    "To sit there and hold a species that the entire world has written off as gone forever as being extinct is just one of the most remarkable and astonishing feelings not just on a personal level, but on a much larger level for conservation." - Forrest Galante
  • "CCS Writer's Play Performed" (April 2020)
  • The first play Jordan Finley wrote, Feliz Cumpleanos was one of four that won the 35th annual California Young Playwrights Contest.

  • "Editing, Drafts, and Rewrites: The 2020 CCS Writing Contest Closes April 10" (April 2020)
  • Recap the 2019 Writing Contest winners with interviews of competition leaders, Carson Young and Tyana Craig. Young's short story "Cyanosis" explores the eating disorder in a girl who lost her father. Craig's poetry examines topics from culture to praising the self.

  • "Writing by the Water" (August 2019)
  • "Writing by the Water" highlights the experiental learning opportunity offered in the College of Creative Studies Writing and Literature major for students to recieve scholarships to attend a week-long conference in the Santa Barbara area.

  • "Advising that Defies Disciplines" (December 2018)
  • Computing faculty in the College of Creative Studies, Richert Wang, advises art majors in running a game design club.

  • "Childhood Dream Prompts First Publication" (November 2018)
  • Writing and Literature student Madeliene Almond writes the story that will become her first publication after experiencing a nightmare.

  • "The Mixture of Galaxies" (November 2018)
  • Ever since he picked up Cosmos by Carl Sagan, College of Creative Studies Physicist Anoop Praturu has been hooked on space. He turned his passion into cutting-edge research, and he now studies the composition of galaxies and galaxy clusters at UC Santa Barbara.

Creative Publications

Short Stories

  • "Separated by Glass," The Writing Disorder (March 2020)
  • A Romeo and Juliet type love story - but about cake.

    "He’s a slice of a red hot velvet cake. She’s a creamy chocolate cheesecake with many layers and curly hair made of chocolate shavings. They are each surrounded by others like them, but they don’t want the others. They want each other, the one on the other side of the glass, the plate standing vertical, separating the cakes from the cheesecakes."


  • "Red Paint," Disturbed Digest
  • A horror prose poem about a boy finding red paint in the woods.

  • "Alligator Sand," The Bitter Oleander (forthcoming Autumn 2020)
  • A prose poem about being unable to forget someone you aren't supposed to love anymore.

    "Maybe I’ll go to your window again, lick the glass until it dissolves like sugar, slide through it and up the tongue of your stairs, spit sunflower seeds in your ear while you sleep, whisper that I am an alligator, peeling back my eyelids."